Here’s how it works:

bocce-bullet  Balls are rolled NEVER thrown
bocce-bullet  The object of the game is to get your ball closet to the small ball called the Pallino
bocce-bullet  There are two teams the Red Team and Green Team
bocce-bullet  2-4 Players on a team.  A four player game is two players on each side
bocce-bullet  The same player throwing the Pallino must throw the first bocce ball
bocce-bullet  If the bocce ball hits the back wall without hitting any other balls it is OUT. If the bocce ball hits another ball then the wall it stays IN
bocce-bullet  The opposing team will roll their bocce balls until they have scored a ball closer to the Pallino or have used their 4 balls
bocce-bullet  A player also has the option of rolling their ball and hitting out any balls in play in order to get a point
bocce-bullet  When all 8 balls have been thrown the points are tallied
bocce-bullet  Teams whose balls are closer to the Pallino are awarded the point.  Only one team gets points per round
bocce-bullet  Games are 7 points to win



  1. Courts are sponsored by paying customers. BUY SOMETHING!
  2. Have courtesy when walking over courts (throwers have the right of way)
  3. Bartenders are refs, their rule is final
  4. Eating is encouraged, just do not eat on the court
  5. No swearing in English por favor
  6. Losing team sweeps & buys the next round
  7. Festive and merry is welcome, loud and obnoxious is not!
  8. The court is not a sandbox treat it well
  9. No reason to drink and drive, the subway is literally right outside!
  10. Winning team must celebrate with a team photo :) #twistandsmashd